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8 Global E-Commerce Strategies

Whether you’re a new business looking to start shipping your products, or a business that wants to improve their existing distribution system, we have compiled some global e-commerce strategies to help you grow your business around the world.

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How to Calculate Dim Weight

Dim weight refers to the space that a package takes up in relation to how much it weighs.

How to Calculate Freight Density

Understanding density is critical to so you aren't stuck with reclass fees.

What is a Shipping Reseller?

No one likes a middle man. Right? But what if that middle man could save you the stress of having to worry about the shipping and logistics side of your business. What is that worth to you?

So What is LTL Anyway?

With so many terms in the shipping industry, we took a few minutes to explain just one of them...LTL - Less Than A Truckload.

What is a full service logistics provider?

Check out or video to see how you can save time and money by working with a logistics provider.

Who is InXpress?

InXpress USA is the only non-asset authorized reseller company that can offer customers multiple shipping solutions through a global network of world-class carrier partners like UPS and DHL.

How to Price Packages

Packages come in all shapes, sizes, and weights and trying to pinpoint the correct postage could leave you with severe analysis paralysis.

We've put together some tips that will help you save time and your customers money...more

UPS Peak Surcharge

Updated Peak Surcharge information is now available for review, including Peak Surcharge rates for international shipments that will take effect beginning April 18, 2021. more

Will Chinese New Year have an impact on your business?

It's well known that the Chinese New Year can cause delays with production.

Believe it or not, production delays in China can last for up to 1 month! So how can you prepare your business...more

USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL all announce rate increases for 2021

What are the rate increase and what can you do to prepare your business?

We have compiled the necessary information you need to calculate the added cost to your shipments...more

InXpress Americas Now Offering Expanded Shipping Options

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- InXpress, a shipping and logistics franchise with a network of almost 400 franchises in 14 countries, has expanded its service offering to now include UPS® shipping for companies based in the U.S. market...more