UPS is a global leader in small parcel deliveries

  • 11.5 million pick-up and delivery customers
  • 5.5 billion packages delivered per year
  • 495,000 employees
  • 572 owned, leased or chartered aircraft
  • 220+ nations and territories served
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UPS + InXpress

InXpress provides its customers the best rates and service available in the international small parcel industry.

  • Preferred pricing on UPS services
  • Delivers to more countries than any other carrier
  • Fast and reliable domestic international shipping solution
  • Door-to-door delivery with signature
  • Dedicated support - you call us, we deal directly with the UPS
  • Integrate your pricing into your ecommerce platform

Your outsourced shipping expert at no cost to you!

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Meet Webship+

  • Instant UPS and DHL quoting for domestic and International parcel
  • Book, Dispatch, and Track
  • Batch uploads
  • API integration for Ecommerce platforms
  • No fees, no upfront cost


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