Packages come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. Try pinpointing the correct postage you need to send those packages, and you could easily find your self with analysis paralysis. On top of that, you could spend precious hours crawling the interwebs for the best deal for every single one of those precious packages, or, you might keep on using the same carrier without putting in the research. That could potentially lose you big bucks in the grand scheme of things.

Getting this formula right could make or break your business. So let’s dive into how to price your shipment so you don’t lose time, money and sleep.

The most basic and primitive way to figure out this cost is to go a little old school. Find the box you need to ship your product and package it in a way that will ensure it will make it to its final destination safely. Now bust out your tape measure and scale, get the length, width, and height of the box, throw it on a scale to figure out its weight and jot all of that down on a piece of paper. Huff all that down to your local shipping carrier, give them those numbers, pay for your postage, then rinse and repeat for every single package you have.

Your next option is a pretty popular one. You could go with a flat-rate shipping method. With this option, you stuff as much as you can, and are comfortable with into one size box, and pay that already determined cost for it as established by the carrier. This option is not dependent on the size, weight, or shape of the product that is being shipped. This saves a lot of headaches for lots of folks. Most people love this option because it is extremely convenient and reliable. Most carriers have boxes that range in size and shape, already at their facility. And that’s the kicker, you have to go to their facility to figure out which of those boxes you need. Another warning with flat-rate shipping, you have to pay attention to the ever-changing average cost over time. Those costs can fall which will require you to drop the cost you charge for flat-rate as well, or, the opposite of that, they could rise. As you probably already guessed, that will call for you to have to raise your cost so that you don’t lose out on dollars coming in the door.

Then there is our little friend, free! Free shipping! Who doesn’t love hearing that word...let’s say it again just for! You know who doesn’t like the word free....the business! That is if you haven’t rolled it into the cost of your product. And that is the key to this shipping method. You have to make sure you have done everything we have already talked about (box size, measurements, weights) and rolled that into the listed price on your website or in your store. It’s either that or you have found a way to absorb it at no cost to your customers.

No matter how you slice it, figuring this out can be tricky. Using a tool that can provide quick and clear comparisons from the top carriers in the industry allows you to identify the best choice in no time at all, freeing you up to get on with your life and business! That’s where InXpress comes into play! Our comparison tool lets you check which carrier offers the best price or service based on your needs. Check out how InXpress can save you time and money when it comes to figuring out shipping costs today!